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What are Alkylglycerols (alkoxyglycerols)? Alkoxyglycerols are ether-linked glycerols derived from shark liver oil. They are also known as alkylglycerols, ether lipids and dietary ether lipids. The terms alkoxyglycerols, alkylglycerols and shark liver oil are frequently used interchangeably. Alkoxyglycerols are found naturally in shark liver oil in the form of fatty acid esters.

Alkylglycerols are naturally occurring in hoematopoietic (blood forming) organs like bone marrow, spleen and liver. They are present in human milk, cow’s milk and shark liver oil, but are not found in plants. When comparing the content of alkylglycerols to be found in the above sources, that found in shark liver oil is much higher, and thought to be beneficial in several ways. Apart from the fact that they are promoted to fight cancer by killing tumour cells indirectly, proponents claim they activate the immune system by stimulating macrophages (immune system cells that attack and consume invading organisms) and inhibiting protein kinase A (a protein that is a key regulator of cell growth).


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