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How Shark Liver Oil May Help You

It has been extensively researched and scientifically proven that the active alkoxyglycerols in shark liver oil have a definite healing application.
Rich and pure source of Omega 3

Indications for its use would appear to be:

Recurring infections.
Strengthening the immune system, particularly in chronic degenerative diseases.
Beneficial for coughs, colds and influenza.
Important for tissue repair, delayed wound healing and acne.
Recommended before, during and after radiation therapy.
Promotes healing and recovery of nervous system.
Normalises metabolism in diabetics.
Effective against viral hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.
Has an analgesic and anaesthetising effect to neutralise pain.

Topically, shark liver oil is a valuable deterrent in the fight against the symptoms of ageing and as an aid in the maintenance and integrity of the skin. It also helps to minimise the liver spots that accompany ageing.

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